Climate Justice: Change the System, not the climate!

June 15th to 23rd:

Rio + 20 People's Summit

On June 15th 2012, the Quebecker delegation formed by Alternatives, the YMCA Québec and UniAlter flew off to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to participate in the United Nations Summit on sustainable development, also known as Rio + 20. The Peoples Summit has gathered delegations of different social movements from all over the world from June 17th to 23rd. Heads of state met to discuss of key environmental issues from June 20th to 22nd.
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Not only has the new Harper government managed to torpedo the Kyoto Protocol, it has also rejected all regulations on greenhouse gas emissions. Harper has gotten rid of 700 experts at “Environment Canada” and seeks to double the production and export of tar sands oil in order to cater the needs of one of the most damaging industries in the world, at the expense of our ecosystems. 

We say: “Change the System, not the climate!”

The will of the people ought to be at the core of our government's climate policies and the economic and social priorities that shape them. Alternatives International urges you to stand up against climate changes! This new site gives the opportunity to partake in petitions, letters to deputies, public stands, and other options that we hope will give you the means to make a difference.
You will also find a constantly updated Press Review, an Analysis section which showcases original pieces written by our staff or allied organizations, as well as an Agenda highlighting important dates from now until the Peoples' Summit this coming June in Rio.

Let’s demand full and active participation of the governments of Quebec and Canada in the Kyoto Protocol. We urgently need the government to reorient its natural resource management policies towards the common good.

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