Registration for the People’s Summit will open in April, see program

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Date de la référence: 
2 April, 2012

Report of the Brazilian Civil Society’s Facilitator Committee for Rio +20

Mars 2012

Registrations to activities at the People’s Summit – that will take place at Rio de Janeiro, between June 15th and 23th – will open next April 2nd.

The Brazilian Civil Society’s Facilitator Committee for Rio+20 appreciates all the organizations that filled up the form, still available at this website. As it has already been said, informations collected in this form aren’t any kind of registrations, but are very important to the preparation of the registrations and of the progrem of the event, presentet at the end of this report.

The People’s Summit is not one isolated event but a part of a process built through well-articulated struggles and resistance movements. It is on this understanding that the organizational structure of the Summit stands.

Therefore, the guiding principle is that all activities should converge towards the People’s Assembly, which has three axes:

1. Denunciation of structural causes of the crisis, of the false solutions and of new forms of expanded capital accumulation;
2. Solutions and new paradigms;
3. Agenda, campaigns and mobilization that well articulates the process of anti-capitalist mobilizations after Rio+20

Program of People’s Summit:

Self organized activities and pre-Assembly plenaries of convergence should bring together debates to the People’s Assembly, the central space of the Summit where struggles and actions for the period after Rio+20 will be defined.

On next reports and news at this website, we will present more details about the Summit’s program, as well as thoughts about the three axes that guide the event.