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Unclog the Pipeline Process

2 March, 2012

By Joseph Doucet, The Globe and Mail

The environmental review of Enbridge’s proposed Northern Gateway pipeline has ignited a fierce debate about the consequences of developing Canada’s oil sands. Debate is good, but unreasonable delays and continuing indecision, as with Keystone XL, show how broken the pipeline review process is.

EU bows to oil lobby pressure

1 March, 2012

By Presseurop

The European Commission proposal to label oil produced from tar sands as highly polluting has been vetoed by London and The Hague. However, Trouw argues that it is not too late to defend the public interest.

Secret memo warns oilsands damage may be irreversible

21 February, 2012

By Mike De Souza, Postmedia News, Calgary Herald

Collateral damage from Canada's booming oilsands sector may be irreversible, posing a "significant environmental and financial risk to the province of Alberta," says a secret memorandum prepared for the federal government's top bureaucrat.

World Environment Organization backed by 100 countries, French minister says

31 January, 2012

Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, France's ecology minister, says 100 countries support a French proposal to create a World Environment Organization.

Durban conference Union hampered by its own polluters

11 December, 2011

By Javier Salas

The EU has been unable in Durban to reach a common position on greenhouse gas emissions quotas after 2012. The veto of the former communist countries of the EU, who defended the current quotas that are so advantageous to them, is partly to blame.
Javier Salas